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Authority Article Sample 1

It’s the typical Hollywood love story. The girl is about to board a plane. They show her at the boarding counter. The scene cuts to the boy’s apartment as he realizes that she is the one and that he can’t possibly let her get away.

He runs out of his apartment building, almost shooting off the edge of the pavement into the oncoming traffic. He hastily raises his hand and within seconds a quirky yet friendly cab driver pulls up. The boy rushes in and yells, “The airport, take me to the airport” as the rain starts to pour incessantly. Now let’s see how this would’ve happened in real life. Let’s pretend that all this happens in Boston.

The girl is taking a plane. The boy looks at his watch and decides that he’s had enough.Panic buttons are pressed. He calls the taxi company on his cellphone. No answer. He goes through the list of countless taxi services that he’s saved in his address book, just for such a rainy day. Waiting, unavailable and even more wait. It’s rush hour time and he just can’t seem to find a cab right away.

Finally, he finds a Boston taxi service that promises him a cab in about 10 minutes. The boy gets ready- Roughs up his hair for that ‘I just had to run to you’ look that’s so popular in romantic comedies, tucks in only one side of his shirt (Coz he has to show some signs of hurry) and runs down the stairs.

To his relief he sees not one but two cabs waiting for him. He shrugs and gets in the first cab. Just as they are about to take off there is a knock at the window- It’s the guy from the other cab. He claims that he was called there too. He accuses our boy of calling multiple cab companies and hopping in the first one that arrived. A loud argument ensues. ‘The girl has probably already checked in’, our boy is thinking. This is urgent, our loverboy can’t waste time.

He deserts the two arguing drivers and runs a block down to the main street. He stops a taxi- “Where do you wanna go”, asks the driver. “Logan int..” Even before our boy could complete his sentence, the driver was preparing to bail. “Sorry, my shift gets over in 5 minutes.”

Another cab stops and another one but it’s the same story. ‘Why are all their shifts ending in 5 minutes ?’ He ponders. Little does our boy realize that none of these cabs want to go to the airport and sit around for an hour at the Massport, waiting for their number to come up.

Our boy gets a final idea- “The Subway !!.. I can take the subway..” and he swiftly runs off into the rainy night not realizing that the girl, for whom all this trouble is being taken for, had problems with her taxi, got delayed in traffic and missed her flight. Now she’s standing outside his apartment wondering why he’s not answering the door.

Moral of the story ? Don’t watch romantic comedies and if you must chase someone, don’t call up ten cab companies asking for a taxi. Call the person you are chasing first.

Authority Article Sample 2

The New York fashion week is about to start in a day’s time and the excitement surrounding the event is palpable. Huge crowds will throng to spot celebrities, enjoy the colorful circus that the event becomes and most of all, to savor latest fashion trends. This is why its no surprise that New York is perhaps one of the most stylish cities in the world when it comes to street fashion.

While New York Street fashion initially emerged from the grass root levels, it has evolved eclectically to an avant-garde style of fashion that combines elements of what’s seen on the ramps to vintage styles that were popular in the past. The basic premise however remains the same- the style should be wearable on the ‘street’, so to say.

The evolution of the style has been so rapid that it’s often said; much to the chagrin of the industry professionals, that many a times, people standing outside the fashion weeks are much better dressed than the ones on the ramps. The crows have finally become peacocks and the influence of street fashion from global cities like New York, London and Paris is undeniable.

So much so, that it’s common to see street fashion influencing what is being designed and presented on the ramps. Take the example of skinny jeans that were popular during the punk days. Once they were brought back in fashion by hipsters out of Williamsburg, it wasn’t too long before we saw them on the runways.

Or take for instance, the highly popular hip-hop movement that saw a drastic change in the clothes that the ‘cool’ kids liked to wear. Jeans fell lower and became baggy, while hoodies and sports apparel were all the rage.

While for rappers, who in their struggling days could perhaps afford nothing more- it was the most basic form of clothing, the style caught on like wildfire among the fashion conscious crowd. Remember, when Snoop Dogg wore a simple Tommy Hilfiger hoodie on Saturday Night Live? Quite predictably, the very next day, it was sold out from most stores across New York. Such is the influence of street fashion that hip-hop culture, which essentially originated in south Bronx, is still, in many ways, considered mainstream pop culture.

It’s not just New York or other parts of America that are influenced by emerging street styles. Street fashion trends out of New York have an extensive influence all over the world. The rejuvenated hipster movement being a case in point. That is perhaps because such a melding of cultures and eras is unthinkable in perhaps any city of the world other than New York, which is quite rightly described as the melting pot of the western civilization.

The way New york street fashion styles have caught rage proves that people are bored of what is being fed to them through the mass media or what’s shown on the runway. ‘Street fashion’, on the other hand is a movement where the quest is to hound the thrift shops and specialty stores, to assemble the next trendsetting outfit and where better to flaunt it than on the streets of New york.

Authority Article Sample 3

Why Install A Stockade Fence?

Stockade fences have been in fashion as long as one can remember. What started as a form of fortification in Roman armies when military generals used them to establish parameters and ensure the security of their camps then grew on to become an incredibly popular style of fencing around the world, especially in the United States. 

They were used by early American settlers to establish the peripheries of their farms as wood was available aplenty and they easily used it to build fences. Native Americans built high stockades to protect their villages from any unwelcome visitors and even the ranchers in the old Wild West used them (along with barbed wires) to secure their pasture land. 

The popularity of stockade fences has only grown since then and for more than 400 years, wood has been the favorite fencing material of choice in America. Today these fences are used for a whole lot of different purposes in urban homes, from ensuring privacy to creating a containment area. What are then, some of the advantages of choosing a stockade fence over any other kind?


They add a touch of class to your yard

 An attractive stockade fence really adds something unique to a garden and pushes the style quotient up a notch. The stylistic individuality of a wooden fence adds a certain timeless elegance to the look of your house while still serving a functional purpose.

If you want to move on from the traditional but cliché style of a picket fence, then a stockade fence is a perfect option. Especially if you have a rather modern home designed in a contemporary style. You surely would want to create an equally stylistic outdoor space to complement it. A wooden stockade fence goes well with other natural elements in your garden and provides a beautiful organic look. Not to mention that a wooden fence can be painted in any color you like to match the overall look of the house.


It works as a protective element

When it comes to its functional utility, a stockade fence works great in protecting your garden from outside elements like the wind for instance.  If you live in a windy area, a sturdy stockade fence will protect you and your plant from excessive exposure to it, if you live where it is rather dusty, then it will keep the dust out.

They also serve as great noise blockers. Perfect for those who live on busy streets that see a lot of traffic or for those with extraordinarily noisy neighbors. It is true what they say, good fences make good neighbors.


Protects your privacy  

If you want to keep the affairs of your home protected from prying eyes then a solid stockade fence is what you should be looking at. This is one of the primary reasons why many people install these in their gardens. When built at a considerable height and with boards stacked up right to each other, they let you create a completely secluded space helping you avoid any privacy intrusions.

They are perfect for a backyard with a pool or a hot tub or if you want to hide any ‘not so pretty’ areas of your house.


Easy to work with 

When it comes to building a stockade fence, you can choose from many different kinds of wood ranging from cedar to redwood to cypress. What you choose depends on the kind of style you are looking for and your budget. For instance, if you do not want to shell out a fortune for redwood then you can always go for pressure treated wood, which is usually southern yellow pine and costs a lot less than other alternatives.

Wood is also easy to work with. Even if the area you want to install a fence is uneven or on a slope, the fence panels can be cut and modified to ensure that the top edges line up in a straight line. Besides wood is completely biodegradable and very environment-friendly.


Good for creating a containment area

If you have kids or pets then you definitely want to build a fence at the border of your yard so that they do not step out of the safe confines of home. You can even further solidify it with metal poles and have them high enough if you have big overactive pets that are likely to try to push and jump their way out of the yard.

The final choice is yours to make however a sturdy stockade fence provides for better options than a simple picket fence. They give out a rustic feel while being functionally useful and are a perfect choice for a modern home today.


Authority Article Sample 4

Computer Programming For Kids

 From the outside, he appears to be just another Silicon Valley hotshot who works for one of the big companies but there is more to Jonah Grant than meets the eye. Currently working at Periscope, Jonah developed his first iPhone app when he was just 12 years old. By the time he was 14 he already had 4 apps in the iTunes store that had seen more than 100,000 downloads.

His story seems like a case of overnight success but the truth is slightly different. The reality is that Jonah started playing around with computers when he was merely 5 years old. Since then he has not only launched plenty of apps of his own, he has also gone on to work for Twitter, Periscope and Lightbank among other companies.

As a parent you might be tempted to wonder how is it that a kid so young could accomplish so much? Is it just natural talent? Was he simply born with it? No. Instead, he followed the same path that most other computer prodigies follow- the path of learning from an early age. 

Today, getting your child started with computer programming is easier than ever before. The most popular way for ambitious parents is to get their child enrolled in a computer programming camp for kids. Gone are the days when computer education used to be imparted in a theoretical manner, encapsulated within boring computer labs.

Summer camps make learning a fun process while also imparting knowledge via innovative methods based on the core principles of STEM education.


What is STEM? 

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. The main idea behind STEM education is to teach a subject with the help of an integrated, hands on approach that provides the child with plenty of learning experiences in a practical manner. As a result of active participation, a student develops necessary skills of critical thinking and problem solving that help them with the program as well as with regular schoolwork.

Most all coveted vocations in today’s age require STEM skills and considering the fact that regular K-12 curriculum isn’t really STEM based, it makes these summer camps that much more crucial for your child’s development.


Why enroll in a summer computer programming camp?

If you want to ensure a financially secure future for your child then you have to start planning as early as possible and given the fact that jobs in the tech industry are projected to grow by twice the national average, it is a no brainer.

Our camps are an all inclusive affair where kids can learn anything from app development to video game programming to even robotics. Our instructor to student ratio guarantees that the children receive personal attention from our highly qualified faculty who are trained to teach via a project based method, paced according to suit every child’s personal need.

These camps are meant not just to impart programming skills but also to ignite their curious minds and give the students a taste of what a career in information technology would be like. Our summer camps are designed to be safe spaces where kids not only learn about programming, but also foster real world relationships and learn positive traits that will help them even as an adult.  Ready to find out more? 

Authority Article Sample 5

How To Design A Bodybuilding Diet Plan For Gaining Mass

If you set out to search for a bodybuilding diet plan for mass then you will quickly be overwhelmed with the amount of options that will be thrown in your face. If you have ever Googled it then you know what we are talking about here.

Everyone (from your gym bros to the various fitness publications) have their own variation of what you should eat when bulking up and they swear that it works the best.

If you are new to bodybuilding or new to bulking up, it can be rather confusing. After all you don’t want to follow a bodybuilding meal plan for mass, spend considerable amount of money on food items, only to realize that it didn’t produce the results that you desired.

What are you to do then? Is there one magical eating plan that will meet your needs? The answer is yes. The best plan for you is the one that you make for yourself. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to be able to do that by yourself.


Bodybuilding diet plan for mass

Before you set out to design the meal plan that you will follow for months to come, you need to figure out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure or TDEE. In layman’s terms it refers to the number of calories you need to maintain the current weight that you are at.

If you wanted to lose fat, then you would reduce the number of calories you consume daily to below your TDEE limit, forcing the body to use fat reserves for energy. But since your goal here is to put on muscle, you will be eating more than the TDEE limit to allow for muscle mass gain.

Use a calculator to calculate your TDEE. Now simply add 500 calories to that number and you have the amount of calories that you must eat to gain muscle.


What do I eat?

Instead of telling you what food items you can eat, we will focus more on the scientific approach of calculating macros here. Macro refers to macronutrients, which are nothing but carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Carbohydrates are not all bad, as they are a useful source of energy for your body, especially when you are working out regularly in the gym. A single gram of carbs has 4 calories and your macro ratio should be based on that (more on that later). Carbs however are not good when taken in the form of simple sugars (like soda) or starch (like white bread).

Like carbs, proteins also have 4 calories per gram and are necessary for repairing damage to muscles and making them grow. An advantage of protein is that it fills you up faster than carbs do while supporting lean body mass. Plenty of research has been done to prove that adequate protein intake is critical in achieving the desired body weight and muscle mass.

While low fat diets may diss it, fats are very important for many metabolic functions within our bodies. They also aid in brain functions and hormone production. Fats however are bad when consumed in the form of saturated fats and trans fats, which only end up raising the cholesterol level, and make you gain unnecessary weight.  Fats are highly beneficial however when taken in the form of monosaturated fats (like olive oil and clarified butter) and omega 3 fatty acids (flax seed oil and fish oil). 1 gram of fat is equal to 9 calories.


Designing a bodybuilding meal plan for mass- the macro calculation 

Calculating roughly, when following a bodybuilding diet plan for mass, you need to consume 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. 0.5 gram for fat per pound of bodyweight and the rest of it should be carbohydrate.

Don’t worry if this knowledge dump confuses you. This will all make sense in due time, but for now use a macro calculator to calculate your macronutrients ratio.  It might seem like a whole lot of math, but when you pay strict attention to what you eat, it becomes rather eat to keep track of it all.

An easy way to track it is to keep a log of what you eat daily. Use the free My Fitness Pal app and let it track your daily caloric consumption by feeding in what you eat for all your meals. This free app is a must install!


What should I not eat? 

Knowing what not to eat is as important as eating the right thing when it comes to following a bodybuilding meal plan for mass gain. There are two main things that you must cut out if you want to look ripped and gain healthy muscle mass- soda drinks and fast food.

Fast food is loaded with calories, full of saturated fats and trans fats and is extremely unhealthy. If you eat it more than once a week then you definitely need to cut it out. Sure, you can have a bunch of fries or a single burger once in a while, but do not rely on it as the main source of calories.

Soda fits the same boat. It is calorie dense, loaded with sugar and has zero nutritional value. Just like fast food, consuming soda makes you ingest a huge amount of calories without you even realizing. You might think ‘it’s just a cheeseburger and coke’ but when you read up on their caloric value, you will realize what a big mistake they are.

In short, you want to avoid commercial food items that will increase your calorie intake by a significant amount without adding anything nutritional at all. Which also means no blended coffee drinks, as they are usually full of dairy fat and syrup.

Have these things once in a while but do not make them a regular habit.


Do I need to take supplements?

As the name suggests, supplements should be supplementary to a bodybuilding diet plan for mass. Their main intention is to fill in the nutritional gaps that cannot be filled by eating regular food. Two of the must popular supplements are protein powders and creatine.

If you are not able to meet your protein goals by consuming regular food then go ahead and take protein powder, which in reality is not that much different to protein you get from regular food. It is just able to provide protein in a much more condensed form. Whey protein for instance is a water soluble milk protein, which contains all of the 9 essential amino acids that are necessary for our dietary needs. Protein powders in essence are an easy to consume, reliable source of high quality protein.

The same goes for creatine powder, which works wonders at providing you with an extra boost of energy while working out. It allows you to work out harder and lift heavier weights. Doesn’t take a genius to see how beneficial this can be fore those who want to put on muscle mass.


What food items should I eat?

All the calories you eat must come from healthy sources of food, which pretty much eliminates all junk food and snacks that you find at grocery stores. Below is a list of food items that should be a staple in your daily diet.

–      Meat products. Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, lamb, venison and of course eggs. If your aim is to cut, then rely on lean meat but while gaining, fattier meats are necessary.

–      Whole grains. Brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, muesli and whole grain cereal.

–      Fruits and vegetables. No restriction here, you can pretty much eat anything you want. It is important to eat a lot of vegetables as they contain every micronutrient that your body needs and they also protect you against diseases.

–      Healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado, nuts, natural peanut butter, flaxseed, fish oil, fatty fish like salmon & tuna, soymilk & tofu.

–      Dairy products. Cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.


Supplement such a food plan with a multi vitamin and you are good to go. See it wasn’t that difficult to design a bodybuilding diet plan for mass now was it?

In short, you are cutting out food items that provide you useless calories and replacing them with ones that are highly nutritional and allow you to meet your caloric requirements. As with any diet plan, you need to make sure that you follow it religiously and only when you have been disciplined for a few weeks should you allow yourself a cheat meal.

Do the calculations suggested in this article, plan your weekly meals in advance and get yourself working out religiously. This is without a doubt, a sure fire way to gain muscle mass. 

Money Site SEO Article Sample

When looking for a condo in Calgary, a lot of people choose to focus their attention towards SE Calgary. Given the fact that it’s a robust mix of nature and modern amenities, it’s no surprise that it’s the preferred residential area of choice for many.

From the gorgeous Sikome lake, to the south center mall and the Max bell center (home to the mighty Calgary Flames), there’s something for everyone in SE Calgary. So what are some of the things that you must keep in mind before you go about searching for a condo in SE Calgary?

The first step in any home buying operation is figuring out the source of funds. How are you going to pay for your dream condo ? Unless you have it all in cash, it’s very likely that you will be taking a housing loan from a lending institution. Before you go about searching for properties, it’s very important that you figure out the amount that you’d be pre-approved for. Once you have a ballpark figure, you can confidently go hunting for condos in that range.

Secondly, Internet is a great resource when it comes to looking at properties. This is even more beneficial for people who don’t live close to Calgary but are very interested in buying a home there. There are some great resources that will give you wide insight into many great condos in SE Calgary. [Client Website link] is one of those trusted resources. Not only do you get information on vital stats of each condo, like size in square feet, number of bedrooms etc., you can also view HD quality pictures of the interiors and the exterior of the properties on their website.

Virtually, just by sitting in your current location you can get a very fair idea of what’s available for your budget in SE Calgary. Using the online forms that many of the good real estate websites provide, you can even send in a quick enquiry if you are interested in a particular property. No more calling up the estate agent to fix an appointment and driving for miles to take a look at a property.

It’s also very important that you clearly spell out your needs. Every person’s situation is different. If you have a family then you’d have very different needs from someone who’s just a bachelor. Apart from the price factor, this is the second most important thing for a potential buyer to consider. Similarly, location is very important. The young bachelor would perhaps prefer a more active area of SE Calgary while a family would lean more towards larger space and access to parks and a safe neighborhood.

These are just some of the basics things you should keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a condo in SE Calgary. Get started by looking at some great properties that are listed here. [Client Website link]