If you have ever bought an article for your web property then you know the drill- Spend days trying to find a good writer. Spend more time trying to make him understand your ideas followed by days of frustrating wait.

Finally after a prominent delay you have an article in your Inbox & just when you think everything’s going fine and dandy you’re hit with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors & worst of all- an article that looks like it was spun.

In an ideal world, you’d have a writer with whom you can have an easy working relationship without any of the unnecessary time wastage that usually comes with it.

After all, time is money. Money once lost can be earned back but time… once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. The last thing you need is to waste your valuable time dealing with unprofessional writers.

How would it help my business to work with you ?
Let’s cut to the chase. We believe we can create better content for you.Time is a scarce resource and we value yours. Ask any experienced Internet Marketer they will tell you the importance of saving time and when it comes to writing- The importance of establishing a long term relationship with a good writer.  
Why should i choose you over cheap article writers ?
As a website owner, you are always selling something – a product, a service or perhaps a point of view. In all of these cases, the written word is the first impression you’ll make on your visitors. After all visitors want to know right away if they have found what they are looking for; a decision that is made within mere seconds. Good content not only drives people to your website but also lets them know that you are worth their time.  
What can I expect from you ?
Easy: Compelling writing and quality editing to name a few essentials. We’ve got examples of all of the above here. We believe in sharing our best ideas and extending yours while making sure that the work’s done on time. We approach each article by understanding your basic idea. We don’t believe in forcing our conception of “how it should be” on you. I’m not happy until I’ve blown away your expectations. After all it Works Both Ways –If Your Business Succeeds, My Business Succeeds. I’m in it for the long haul, and want to build long-term trust and relationships. It is completely in my interests to make sure you are delighted with my writing service. Once you are happy with the final result, then you will naturally be inclined to tell others about me. If you are not happy, then I insist that you tell me so I can rectify it.  
What is the difference between SEO and Authority articles ?
As the name suggests SEO articles exist to mainly fulfill the purpose of Search Engine Optimization for your web property. This type of adequately researched content is mainly intended for Low-traffic Blogs, Article Directories and other Tier-2 properties. Authority articles meanwhile are top notch pieces of writing meant to be used for High-value Blogs, Guest Posts and of course Authority Websites. These articles are painstakingly researched and can compete with the best content on the Internet today. Both type of articles are written by native English writers, are Copyscape checked and carry our free revision & money back guarantees.  
What do you need from me ?
Once you have selected the kind of article you need. Just enter your details (Primary KW & any LSI to be included) in the order form.Remember the more information you provide the better results you will get. So if  you have any additional instructions, for example; the tone of writing (Humorous/Serious/stats based/A best of list etc.) please include it as well. Once we have the information, you will have an article to go within 3-4 business days. We are online 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week.